Heidi Pitlor Editorial

Heidi Pitlor Editorial is a small editorial firm that specializes in holistic consulting and author coaching. We are successful longtime editors, teachers, and authors ourselves. We value warmth and emotional insight just as much as pragmatism and rigor. Writing and publishing can be overwhelming, and we want to empower writers with knowledge, insight, and support.


EDITING: We work with authors, agents, and publishers to provide developmental and line edits of essays, short stories, novels, and memoirs. Our goal is to find ways to elevate the quality and readability of manuscripts while preserving the author's vision and voice. 


AUTHOR COACHING: We pride ourselves on being good listeners. We ask the right questions in order to help authors build motivation, establish direction, get organized, stay accountable, overcome personal and logistical obstacles, and become their best creative selves. We are here to help rethink short pieces, books, careers, industry connections, as well as short and long-term goals.


SENSITIVITY READING: We take inclusivity seriously. Our sensitivity readers identify and offer solutions to correct cultural inaccuracies, stereotypes, unwitting bias, and other potentially harmful language.



"Heidi Pitlor is one of the kindest and keenest editors I've ever had the pleasure of working with and her notes have been invaluable to me. She is so finely attuned to the music of language and the mechanics of scene, and she knows how to get both sentences and stories to their best and final form. She has a genius instinct for what to cut and what to keep in a revision, and because she's a fabulous writer in addition to being an editor, she understands the process from every angle. I loved working with her and I can recommend her to you with a full-throated moon howl."—Karen Russell, MacArthur Foundation "Genius Grant" recipient and Pulitzer Prize finalist for Swamplandia! 

"Heidi and I collaborated to edit a group of short stories that greatly benefited from her intuitive sense of what makes a good story. She has a great eye for pacing, dialogue, structural balance, and character development. An empathic reader and person, she effectively and gently helped these writers locate the true heartbeat of their work and train the narrative spotlight exactly where it needed to go."—Jeff VanderMeer, New York Times bestselling author of Annihilation


"Working with Heidi was a true pleasure. She edited a story of mine and her feedback could not have been more valuable. She helped me take the story to another level—challenging me to deepen the characters and take a closer look at plot points that just weren’t working. She did all this with kindness, patience and good humor. A great process from start to finish."—J. Courtney Sullivan, New York Times bestselling author of Friends and Strangers

"Heidi is an amazing reader and editor. Her meticulous and thought provoking insights allowed me to find new, necessary direction in a novel I spent years writing. Working with her has been a transformative experience, providing clarity and a true roadmap for revision."—Lisa Hanson


"I came to Heidi for help with plotting the end of my novel, and she helped me see the entire story and its essence more clearly. Her notes were thorough, incisive, and generous of spirit. I’m so glad we had a chance to work together."—Terry Dubow

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